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Client Testimonials

I started with Mike Reynolds 9 months ago from All Strive. Throughout that time, I have been able to grow in more ways then one. Not only in my business but also in my personal development ,which ultimately feeds into my business. Mike has truly been the light I needed and "shake up" to turn my business into the success I knew was there. Mikes support and encouragement is incredible. The passion he has for helping others get out of feeling "stuck" is unmatched.

Thank you Mike for all your guidance and skills in leadership and coaching. You are an inspiration and a positive force to be around. I look forward to moving forward with what is already inside of me. You have a great way of bringing the best out in people and their business.

Kasia Sitarz

Business Owner

My name is Matthew Douglas and I never would ever of gotten a clear vision for my life if it wasn’t for Mike Reynold’s, founder of AllStrive. When Mike came to me I was lost and he brought four simple words that were powerfully true, “I can help you.” I am the leader of an inspirational church community called West Edge Community Church. Before Mike, I was stuck. I hated hearing and saying, “no”. If I had to say “no” to someone I feared they would reject me. I was a text book “people pleaser”, everyone had to like me. In contrast if someone said, “no” to me and my request I felt rejected and as if I failed as a leader. I just wasn’t good enough. It all boiled down to FEAR of taking risk so I didn’t move forward. Fear was my master. I was stuck and my people and I suffered. Now after meeting with Mike I can think more clearly and focus on the greater vision. I feel as though there is no obstacle that can keep me from my vision, I am confident. I am now able to take risk in order to move forward and do what’s right. I am a new man, a new leader, and I know my purpose. So if you are a struggling or stuck leader or you just want to take your development to the next level I have four words for you, “Allstrive can help you.” Thanks Mike forever in your debt!

Matthew Douglas

Mississauga, Ontario

I really enjoyed the classes...they have made me a better person and salesman. Willis and Ted will both benefit from the ROI. All the best,


Sales Professional

I just want to thank you very much for the time you spent with us. I feel I am on the way to being a better connector not just with work but personally as well. You were a fantastic speaker and I gained some valuable insights.


Building Supply Sales

I wanted to send you a thank you and appreciation for the communication training that you facilitated for our Team. I really enjoyed your teaching style and process in taking us thru the program. I look forward to continue to use the framework to guide me in my daily challenges of communication. Thanks again


Sales Professional

For my personal growth, this has been a great experience. I am already making different decisions based on my learning thus far. I hope to pass on my learnings to the rest of my team.


Sales Manager

I give this journey 10 out of 10 as it has given me the opportunity to realize the importance of being a leader vs. a manager. Opened my eyes and recognize the downfalls. This program was a very powerful. This has helped me in my personal growth. Thank you.


Sales Manager

Leadership Mastermind Call...Today’s Leadership Mastermind call was definitely a 10. Hit the spot with me and will help me for the years to come.


Sales Manager

Thank you so much...It was very inspiring! I really enjoyed our Training calls. You did a great job leading the conversations and asking questions! Thanks!


Sales Professional

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