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Grow Results

What exactly is Grow Results Sales Development program and how will it help me?

If you are leading a company, or a sales team, of inside or outside representatives this program is for you and your team. This six modular program helps develop the success habits for improved prospecting, more productive sales calls and develop deeper partnership relationships with your customers. This program promises RESULTS THAT LAST!

The Training Phase:
The certified program leader will facilitate your team through this program in a 2 day classroom style environment with active participation. (At your location)

The Development Phase:
In addition to the initial training, the certified program leader will facilitate follow-up sessions where participants receive a quick review of the success habits along with accountability follow-up to strengthen the teams implementation and help them overcome obstacles. This is where your team moves forward with LASTING RESULTS!

Program Content:
Module #1 - Cold calling
Your team will have a new appreciation for cold calling and walk away with how to apply proven success behaviours in this area to get them improved results. They will also gain support in developing a “cold calling” schedule that gets them great ROI.

Module #2 - Mining Existing/ Previous Accounts
Your team will gain valuable insights on how to “mine” current and existing accounts using the “Grow” consultative approach.

Module #3 - Step 1 of the Sales Call “ASSESS”

Module #4 - Step 2 of the Sales Call “Present Solutions”
During these two modules your team will learn how to separate themselves from novice sales professionals and learn how to apply an authentic consultative approach to opening up the sales dialogue in a way that builds more profitable partnerships. Sales Professionals who have been selling for years leave with fresh insights and motivation to build their sales territory to its highest potential.

Module #5 - Closing the Sale
It’s great to prospect for new business and make more sales presentations but if your team is not closing sales your business is not growing forward. This module helps your team GROW your business.

Module #6 - Customer Retention
This module provides your team with the insights as to how to keep the customers they already have and have them refer more.

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